How to Import GIS Data (Shapefiles) | Civil 3D

  • Jarrett Webster
  • 2023-10-04
How to Import GIS Data (Shapefiles) | Civil 3D
Importing shapefiles has never been easier!  In this example we will import shapefiles, check out a certain plot of land and use the parcel to layout a subdivision concept plan.
  1. Drag and drop Shapefiles onto your screen. (If your coordinate zone is already pre-set, it should project/re-project as needed.)
  2. To bring up your task pane: Key in "MAPWSPACE" and turn on your taskpane.

    How to Import GIS Data (Shapefiles)  Civil 3D

  3. To show a data table: Select a parcel, right click and select "Show data table".
  4. From here you can do a filter:
    - Filter by "PARCELID"

    From here you can do a filter
    - Key in a parcel you want to use, right click on it in the data table and zoom into it
    - Right click on the map object and select "Check out Feature". This will allow you to use it as a Polyline and then turn it into a parcel.

    Check out Feature

    - From here, you can explode it and explode the features around it.
      Optional: You can also get rid of the TaxParcel by removing the layer.

    Removing the layer
At this point, you can convert the polyline to a parcel and use the parcel layout tools to create a quick concept plan!
If you would like to see the full video tutorial, please visit our YouTube channel by clicking the video below.

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