Precision Workstations

Unlock maximum productivity in the AEC industry with ProSoft's tailored tech solutions. From mobile workstations that work on-site, to desktop workstation, ergonomic accessories for an efficient, uninterrupted workflow—ProSoft equips you with the tools for success at every turn.

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Precision Desktop Workstation

Elevate your AEC projects with ProSoft's Eclipse Desktop Workstations, custom-built desktops engineered for the rigorous demands of architecture, engineering, and construction tasks. Experience unmatched performance for CAD, 3D modeling, and more. With their superior adaptability and support for multi-monitor setups, these workstations empower you to harness the full spectrum of AEC tools and software, all while ensuring dependable performance through extended work sessions.

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Mobile Workstations

Experience seamless on-the-go design with ProSoft's laptops and mobile workstations, custom-crafted for AEC professionals. Boasting crisp high-definition displays, responsive touchpads, and enduring batteries. Our devices are primed for CAD, BIM, and a suite of design software, offering robust performance in a portable package. Tackle complex 3D models and handle on-site project demands effortlessly—ProSoft's workstations are your powerhouse allies in tech consultancy.

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Eclipse ARC7 G13 Desktop Go
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Monitor and Computer Accessories

Boost your workspace to peak efficiency with ProSoft's suite of precision-engineered monitor and computer accessories. Dive into the clarity of our premium monitors designed for true-to-life visual accuracy, complemented by ergonomic monitor arms for the perfect viewing angle. Experience seamless workflow with our sleek wireless keyboards and mice, and rely on our sturdy backup batteries for continuous productivity. Choose ProSoft accessories to take your professional performance to new heights.

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Design, Draft, and Deliver with Precision: Get the Autodesk and Bluebeam Edge with ProSoft!

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IT Services

Mastering IT services with expert consulting, comprehensive technical support, robust IT services, and specialized training – all tailored to elevate your operations.

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