Prosoft Consulting

The driving force behind our project consulting approach is the objective to find a process/technology combination that will directly address the goals of each client and each project. We accomplish this through a direct understanding of the needs of the project and major stakeholders.

ProSoft is committed to providing reliable services that fully meet or exceed customer expectations in a cost-effective manner.

ProSoft takes a four phase approach to implementation, leaving no stone un-turned in the journey towards a successful software or hardware implementation.

Mentoring and Consulting

Project Mentoring and Consulting

Not every project scenario you will experience in the real world can be covered by classroom based training. With this in mind, ProSoft has developed a unique, project based transitional approach to our training we call “project mentoring.” ProSoft’s project mentoring services allow companies making the transition to the latest advanced technologies the opportunity to complete their first project while working directly with ProSoft ’s technical experts. These experts will assist our customers, formulating a well-conceived transition and training plan based on a specific project and team. Once the plan is in place, ProSoft ’s experts will work with the team, executing a step by step implementation plan, project based training, and over the shoulder mentoring, allowing our customers to achieve predetermined benchmarks, meet project deadlines, and produce professional deliverables using the new or advanced technologies.

Some of our consulting services include (but not limited to):

  • Project Mentoring
  • BIM Implementation (Building or Civil)
  • Site Assessment
  • Data Management and Vault Implementation
  • High Definition 3D Laser Scanning
  • Customized Training on many products.

The best way to find out what solution best fits your needs is talk to a contract manager now.

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