Connected Alignments | Autodesk Civil 3D 2022

  • Jarrett Webster
  • 2023-04-05
Connected Alignments | Autodesk Civil 3D 2022

 The following is a portion of an article written by our Consulting & Services Manager, Shawn Herring.

In the past few versions of Civil 3D, there haven’t really been any changes that I think could really change the game and give your productivity a big boost.  Yes, there were a lot of little things, and some nice additional tools, but nothing that made you go, "WOW!"  Until now, there are a couple things in the upcoming release of Civil 3D 2022 that I think could be real game changers and I’m happy to share them with you.  Anymore though, we can’t just look at what’s new in our hero product, but all other complimentary products as well, so I will briefly mention a few of those.

Civil 3D 2022 Connected Alignments

The use of connected alignments in 2022 has been expanded to include more options for complex intersections and/or interchanges.  You can specify the exact input parameters for the curves and now even create loop ramps using these same connected alignment options.

On a simpler level, these work great for a simple subdivision intersection curb return.  With all dynamically connected alignments and profiles, you can make intersection design workflows simpler than ever.

Civil 3D 2022 Connected Alignments

Want to learn more about what Civil 3D 2022 has to offer? Click here.
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